Diamond tooth implant in India: ‘It’s not good enough’

The Diamond Tooth implant in the state of Rajasthan is proving to be a problem for the millions of poor people who have to get their teeth extracted to keep their heads free of crowns and canines.

It is a big problem in Rajasthani areas where a large number of people have no access to healthcare.

The state has more than a million poor people, according to the government.

The state is in the process of converting the entire state of Jharkhand into a diamond hub, with the aim of providing free dental care to the poor.

Many poor people in Rajadamnern, the state’s biggest diamond hub in the country, do not have access to a dental clinic and have to travel thousands of kilometres from their homes to get a treatment.

“In the last three years, I have seen about 10 patients who have lost their teeth to the implant,” said Keshav Kumar, who works in a dental college in the town of Gaya.

We have tried to get them treated with implants in the local hospitals but none of them were able to treat their jaw,” he said.

A patient from a nearby town who has lost her jaw was also told to get the implant.

But Kumar says he has not been able to convince any of his patients to get implants in their mouths.

In the state, the dental implant costs around Rs.2,000 and the doctors charge Rs.20 per procedure.

The patient in Gaya, however, was able to get one from the local dental clinic.

At the hospital, a man from a poor family who has been living in the area for 30 years said, “We used to buy the teeth for Rs.5 a day.

Now we pay Rs.10 to get it from the nearest shop.

“The patient told NDTV that her family is not able to afford implants for themselves, either.

While many of the patients at the hospital have lost teeth due to the dental implants, the government does not provide free dentures to the elderly and the poor, especially in Rajdhani areas, where the prevalence of poor health and poor nutrition are among the main reasons for poor health in the region.