Dont Tread On The Tooth Fairy Notes

Posted May 06, 2018 10:15am EDT By Sarah LeeBleacher Report is reporting that the New York Knicks have purchased the rights to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.

The dictionary was first published in 1965, and has become a staple of college textbooks and a reference tool for students, teachers and parents alike.

The Knicks are reportedly set to use the dictionary to expand their fan base.

According to Bleacher, the dictionary will be used to help build the Knicks brand and the NBA as a whole.

“It’s a testament to the Knicks success as a franchise and its commitment to education,” Bill Russell, the former coach of the Knicks, said.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said the dictionary’s release is a great way to showcase the league’s commitment to helping students understand and appreciate words and phrases, and that it will help the league grow in the future.

Silver said he hopes the dictionary helps the league “get to know more of its fan base.”

“There are many great and well-meaning people in the NBA, and we all want to help them understand what we do, and the great players who have come through our ranks,” Silver said.

“The more people we reach, the better the league will be.”