How To Be A Real Toothed Whale – Episode 6: Tooth Fairy Photos

The Tooted Whale is a genus of whales found in the Pacific Ocean off Japan, China, and Vietnam.

They live in the deep ocean, and their primary prey is the squid.

Toothed Whales are very curious creatures and have been known to hunt fish.

They also have a fondness for humans.

Some have even been known as a “toothesaver”.

Toothe Whales have a habit of eating large numbers of squid and other marine life, and when their diet is not adequate, they will consume smaller prey items.

They are sometimes known as “toads”.

In the episode titled Tooth Fairy Pictures, a young Toothe Whale named Ludo visits the museum.

She finds that the tributes are being made for a very special creature that has been missing for more than 500 years.

The young whale’s father, who is in the museum, finds out about her and begins to help her search for her missing son.

In this episode, Ludo is also able to learn that the Toothans love to sing.

The Tootheste Whale is the largest of the Toots, and they are the smallest of the toothed whale species.

They are about 10 meters long and are a great example of an apex predator.

The most famous example of a Toothet is the iconic image of a whale swimming alongside the Japanese flag.

The sea creatures are usually found in areas where there are large numbers, like deep water, where they can survive for months at a time.

They spend most of their time at night, and even during daylight hours, they still can’t move.

They often spend most days in shallow waters.