How to get your teeth clean

In an effort to improve dental health, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved a new type of toothpaste that claims to be less abrasive than toothpaste containing other ingredients.

The new toothpaste, called “Nutra-G,” uses the natural abrasive properties of dental floss to give your teeth a smoother and more even feel.

According to the FDA, “The use of the natural floss particles may help maintain a smooth, even tooth texture.”

In the process, it’s claimed to help prevent cavities.

This new toothbrush is supposed to be effective against cavities caused by plaque, tooth decay, gum disease, tooth pain, gingivitis, gout, periodontal disease, period abscesses, period cramps, and a host of other conditions.

The FDA claims that this toothbrush will also reduce the risk of periodontitis, gum ulcers, gum hemorrhages, and gum disease. 

NutraG Toothpaste is available in three sizes. 

The full-size is 8 oz.

(300 g), and a smaller version is 5 oz. 

(140 g). 

The mini-size is 8 oz (300 ml) and is available at Walgreens. 

You can order NutraG toothpaste online at Walmart, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and many other retailers. 

If you live in the United States, you can buy Nutra-g toothpaste from the following U.S. stores: Target – Nutra G, 5 oz, or Mini 8 oz.

$5.95 Target – Nuru G, 3 oz, 2-pack, or Micro 8oz.

$4.25 Target – 2 oz, 1-pack $3.99 Walmart – Nuta G, 1.5 oz, 5-pack or Mini $3,99 Walmart  – Nuts+Nut Shaped Shampoo and Conditioner $5,99 Kmart – Naturals Shampoo $3 at Target and $3 in the Kmart stores. 

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