‘It’s time for us to stop’: Protesters set fire to Trump’s hotel suite

Protesters set fires to the White House suite, which they believe is owned by President Donald Trump.

A large group of protesters in New York’s Times Square marched Saturday night to protest Trump’s move to move the White and Marshall Hotel from its original location on the corner of Park Avenue and Eighth Street to the West Side Highway.

The group, which numbered about 20 people, began chanting “Burn Trump!” and “Burn White House!” before setting fire to the suite.

A sign on the front of the hotel read “No more White House.”

The protesters were protesting the move to the hotel after Trump announced in November that the hotel was not going to move forward with plans to build a hotel on the site of the former Commodore Hotel, which was demolished in 2012 and was subsequently converted into Trump Tower.

The protesters said they wanted to protest the decision by the Trump administration to move on from the former hotel and instead build the Trump International Hotel in the nearby Trump National Golf Club, which is on the same street.

The protest was one of several planned in the wake of Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, and the protesters said their goal was to draw attention to the president’s decision and the threat it poses to the planet.

Trump has said that he was forced to make the decision to move away from the hotel because he was “not getting any political favor” from Paris.

But his announcement came just weeks after Trump and Vice President Mike Pence announced a partnership to build the hotel.