What you need to know about the wisdom tooth repair

A wisdom tooth is the outermost tooth in the mouth.

It contains the tooth’s pulp, or pulp that forms the base of teeth.

When you have a tooth that has a wisdom tooth, you may find it difficult to eat, especially if you have been chewing on it.

The best thing you can do is not chew the tooth and wait for it to heal.

You can help the tooth heal by using a toothpick or your tongue to remove the pulp from the tooth.

In some cases, the pulp will heal naturally and become a new tooth.

However, in other cases, it may need to be extracted.

For this reason, you should always keep your toothbrush away from the pulp and away from your mouth when you use it.

You may need dental anesthesia to remove any pulp that is in your mouth.

If you can’t see the pulp, you can get a syringe or toothbrush to help you clean up the pulp.

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