How to make a tooth decay solution that won’t hurt your teeth

A new treatment for tooth decay may soon be available.

Tentative research has shown that the most effective way to treat the condition is to apply toothpaste directly to the affected areas of the teeth, the Daily Telegraph reports.

This has proven to be the case for many patients, particularly those with dental plaque, who cannot tolerate the sugary taste of toothpaste.

But research has also shown that patients with cavities can suffer a range of other complications including a more painful tooth decay, which can also lead to more tooth decay.

Researchers from Imperial College London, University College London and King’s College London have now analysed the effects of topical treatment on the oral cavity and found that it significantly reduced the rate of decay.

They say that the topical treatment is more effective than a mouth rinse, which is generally recommended.

“This has been shown in many clinical trials and the results are consistent with the results of clinical trials where oral cavity care is very poor,” Dr David Wright from the University of Cambridge told the Daily Mail.

“There is no doubt that this topical treatment can improve oral health in patients who are experiencing a variety of oral problems.”

Dr Wright is also one of the researchers behind the new topical toothpaste that is now available to dentists and patients.

He said that he was “excited” by the results.

“The results of this clinical trial are exciting, but I would caution against treating tooth decay by oral cavity treatment alone.”

We need to ensure that we can improve care for all patients with oral health problems, including those who are at higher risk of developing cavities, like those with milder dental disease, who might be reluctant to receive a mouthwash,” he said.”

So it’s important that we understand the best way to help all patients, including the most vulnerable, including people with mild dental disease.

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