‘It’s a sad day’: Two children killed by their mother’s dental care

Two children were killed on Saturday in a hit-and-run accident that left the mother dead, authorities said.

Authorities said the mother of the children, who was driving, was struck by the truck after leaving her home in the 800 block of Northeast Main Street in the Northwest Washington neighborhood of Laurel, about 45 minutes after she returned from shopping with her daughter.

The driver of the truck was not hurt.

The incident is under investigation by the District of Columbia police.

“It’s sad to say that these children were in this accident,” District of DC Police Commissioner Peter Newsham said in a statement.

“Our hearts go out to the family of the victims and their friends.”

Police said the driver of a vehicle struck a parked vehicle and then a utility pole.

Witnesses said the car was driven by the mother and her daughter and had three children in it.

They described the vehicle as a black, four-door vehicle with a silver and gray exterior, a white and gray interior and a red license plate.

Newsham added that the vehicle was “obviously a black vehicle” and that a witness told police it appeared to have been traveling westbound on Main Street.

“The driver did appear to be traveling west, and we have reason to believe that there were no children in the vehicle at the time,” he said.

“There were witnesses that observed that the driver had been weaving in and out of traffic on the street.”

We are working with the District Police Department to get all the facts about this tragedy and we want to thank the District Attorney’s Office and the District Fire Department for their quick response.

“Police did not release the identity of the mother, who died at the scene.