What do the teeth of the Tooth Fairy look like?

A Toronto woman says she was shocked when she saw a tooth fairy costume in her neighbourhood.

“I was shocked,” said the woman, who asked not to be identified for fear of retribution.

“It looked like the teeth were missing and it looked like it was missing its front teeth.”

“I had no idea how this was possible,” she added.

The woman had seen the tooth fairy at her local park, but hadn’t been able to figure out what it was doing there until a few days ago.

When she was looking for more information on the tooth Fairy, she stumbled across a YouTube video where she saw an older woman with a large silver mask and a red scarf that looked like a tooth, she said.

“The mask made me wonder, is this a joke?

Is it really real?”

The woman said she also saw two adults with a silver mask.

The younger woman was wearing a white and red wig and a green hat, while the older woman was in a white shirt and a grey hat.

The young woman had a silver tooth, while she had a blue tooth.

The mask didn’t appear to be visible, but the young woman was able to spot the mask by looking at it, she added, noting that the mask looked like “a silver tooth.”

The woman has since contacted the Parks Canada, who told her they would be investigating the matter.

While the tooth fairies’ appearances are not real, she does know that the city is trying to catch the perpetrator.

“They’ve got to find the culprits and bring them to justice,” she said, adding that she was also surprised that the toothfairies were in her community.

She said the tooth Fairies in her neighborhood have been seen in several different locations in Toronto, including in the city’s downtown core, and on the University of Toronto campus.

The tooth fairy is not a real thing, she stressed.