When is a tooth cap appropriate for kids?

The tooth cap is one of the most important preventive measures for kids.

But some parents worry the cost of the tooth cap will add up to more than you need to pay for the care of your child.

In fact, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average price of a toothcap is about $6.95.

So what’s the right tooth cap for kids to wear?

Here’s what we know so far about how to decide if a dental mask is right for your child’s age.

What do you need for a dental cap?

If you have kids younger than 3, it’s okay to wear a dental cover.

However, if your child is older than 3 or 4, the best option is to wear an earmuff.

Earmuffs are a better fit for younger kids, because they fit more comfortably.

They also can prevent cavities from forming, according the American Academy of Pediatrics.

For older kids, you should look at the best dental cover for your family.

If you’re thinking of buying a cap for your son, you can use a cap that comes with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

You can also use an air freshener cap if you have an older kid.

If your child does have a tooth problem, you might want to consider using a disposable dental cap that can be removed and replaced at home.

How much will a dental kit cost?

Most dental kits can cost up to $10 or $20.

However a dental team can be pricey, so it’s best to choose a dental plan that is cheap and affordable.

If the dental plan is free, it may not be a good idea to buy a dental device if it will cost you more than your dental kit.

You might also want to compare the cost and the features of dental kits.

For more information on dental care, visit www.cbs.gov/dental.