Which is the best way to repair broken teeth?

When you break your tooth, the most common cause of tooth loss is a broken tooth, a procedure known as an abrption.

When your teeth are removed, the soft tissue in your teeth grows back.

Abrasion is different from a normal abrusion, in which a piece of the tooth is removed from the gum.

It’s more serious, because it can damage your soft tissue and cause damage to your internal organs.

But a broken bone does not have to be a permanent condition.

Tooth resorbption, or tooth-on-tampon therapy, is the practice of placing an ice cube on the inside of your tooth and placing a towel over your mouth to prevent bacteria from growing.

The ice cube will then melt the tooth.

You may need to have your tooth fixed or replaced, depending on how badly you have your injury.

Tampons can also be used to soften the tooth, or to absorb it.

To help protect your teeth, it’s important to have regular brushing and flossing.

The goal is to keep your mouth clean and prevent infection.